Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Day, Bad Day, Bad Day

 Ugh...Woke up this morning to find that Kei0702 bike was stolen =\ The same bike that was connected to mine by 3(THREE) different locks(I know now that I should have bought better locks). I don't know why but they didn't my bike... Though I wish they took mine considering it was a good bit cheaper than Kei0702's  . *sigh*

  We managed to find which way the bike thief went but no luck so far on actually finding it. I just hope they are dumber than they seem and will decide to ride it around sometime soon. (I swear if they do I will push them off that bike myself and kick their ass.)

 Anyway, on top of that school has been keeping me VERY busy...=( It sucks but at least I only have a month left then freeeeeeeeeeeedom! Though it's still gonna suck cause Kei0702 will be leaving to go home for a while...I'll be all alone during winter break...D=
 Well I guess that's all I have to say (Hmmm...I just realized how boring of a person I am.)Also! Anyone have some request? I'm not sure what to draw so if you have a really good request I might draw it =p

1% is too low =(

I learned my lesson...Shit won't ever happen again.

Also here is a random drawing I did for my design class a while ago. *shudder* Can't believe I even turned this in. lol


  1. That sucks. My friends roommates customized bike was stolen and a few months later my friend saw some kid riding it and he chased him down and tackled the bike thief. Got the bike back too.

  2. my housemate's 2 bikes were stolen... but he didn't even lock them so he totally deserved that one. Gorgeous picture btw.

  3. Ugh, so unfair... people that steal bikes should be ridden as if they were one.

  4. Sorry to hear about the bike :( I had a record total of THREE bikes stolen from me, so bike thieves make me fuming mad D:

  5. That sucks, sorry to hear that.

  6. This is why I'm to worried to take a bike to school - I keep thinking I'll bike all the way down there, get out of class and find it's been stolen :( I hope you guys catch the bike thief!

  7. Dude what a bummer... ):

    Your design class work is really great, the details on her dress (folds, shading, etc.) are amazing *-*

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